Canker Sores

Precision Healing: Conquering Canker Sores with Laser Treatment

Jun 12 • 2 minute read

Canker sores are a common oral health issue that many people experience at least once in their life. They can be uncomfortable, painful and sometimes even unsightly. Understanding what causes them and how to avoid them is essential for maintaining optimal oral health. In this article, we will explore canker sores' causes, prevention methods, and an innovative laser treatment offered by Dr. Anthony P. Parrella, DMD in Somerville, MA.

Understanding Canker Sores: Causes and Triggers

Canker sores, also known as aphthous ulcers or aphthous stomatitis, are small ulcers that appear inside the mouth on the soft tissues like cheeks, lips, tongue, or gums. They are typically round or oval-shaped with a white or yellow center surrounded by redness. There are several possible causes of canker sores:

  • Minor injuries from dental work, aggressive brushing or biting your cheek

  • Hormonal changes during menstruation

  • Food sensitivities or allergies

  • Vitamin deficiencies, particularly B12, iron or folic acid

  • Stress or emotional disturbance

  • Weakened immune system

While the exact cause of canker sores is still unknown, certain triggers have been identified that may contribute to their development. The most common triggers include:

  • Acidic or spicy foods

  • Citrus fruits and tomatoes

  • Alcohol and tobacco use

  • Dental appliances, such as braces or dentures

Preventing Canker Sores: Tips for a Healthier Mouth

While it's not always possible to prevent canker sores entirely, there are some steps you can take to minimize the risk of developing them:

  • Maintain proper oral hygiene by brushing and flossing daily

  • Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to avoid irritation

  • Avoid foods that trigger canker sores or irritate your mouth

  • Manage stress through relaxation techniques, exercise, or meditation

  • Get regular dental checkups and cleanings at Anthony P. Parrella, DMD in Somerville, MA

Dr. Anthony P. Parrella's Innovative Laser Treatment for Canker Sores

If you're struggling with recurrent or particularly painful canker sores, it's time to consider a more advanced treatment option. Dr. Anthony P. Parrella utilizes a state-of-the-art laser called “Precise” at his dental practice located in Somerville, MA. The Precise laser works by targeting the affected area with a concentrated beam of light energy. This process helps reduce inflammation and pain while promoting faster healing of the ulcer. The treatment is quick and virtually painless, often providing immediate relief from discomfort.

Why Choose Dr. Anthony P. Parrella's Canker Sore Laser Treatment?

Opting for laser treatment for canker sores at Anthony P. Parrella, DMD in Somerville offers several benefits:

  • Fast and effective relief from pain and discomfort

  • Minimal risk of scarring or damage to surrounding tissues

  • Reduced chance of infection as the laser sterilizes the area during treatment

  • No need for anesthesia or injections, making it a comfortable experience

Conclusion: Trust Dr. Anthony P. Parrella for Canker Sore Solutions

If you're tired of dealing with recurrent or painful canker sores, consider contacting Dr. Anthony P. Parrella's dental practice in Somerville, MA at (617) 625-3022 or visit his website to schedule a consultation. With his expert knowledge and advanced laser technology, you can finally find relief from canker sores and enjoy a healthier mouth overall.

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