Primary Mission

Are the bacteria in your mouth putting your health at risk? For many years the connections between oral and gereral health have been reported. This concern is our office philosophy, making it our top priority.

Oral infection control is the single most important service our office can provide for our patients. Before an infection can be treated it has to be diagnosed. If an oral infection is present not only are the teeth and surrounding tissues at risk, but also your overall health. The concern to your overall health is your bodies immune system launching a response to fight the infection. The chronicity of this response is what puts your health at risk. This is also the reason the gum tissues can become red, swollen and sore. 

Our hygienists screen all of our patients with simple chair side tests. Plaque samples are taken from the mouth and examined under a high powered microscope. The severity of the infection determines the course of treatment. Treatment starts in the office with a team approach between the patient and our staff. If there is a further necessity we will perform a bacterial culture. This is sent to an outside lab especially equipped to process oral samples. The lab will recommend the approiate antibiotics that are necessary to treat the infection in question.

So why is this such a priority for the way we practice dentistry, you might ask? The answer is by doing this first we make sure that your oral environment is healthy for any dental work that may follow such as implants, orthodontics, or just routine white fillings. A healthy mouth and body starts with simple oral infection control.